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Our units are clean and dry, ready for inventory, supplies, equipment, files, office furniture or seasonal items from your business.


Our customers are saying:


Retail Stores

“We are so fortunate to store our product with Lynne, she is always helpful and knows the importance of protecting our inventory."                                                 



“We needed someone conveniently located to keep our signage and lock boxes close by. Clermont Commercial Storage has been great.”



“Our little restaurant is so busy and we don’t have the room for extra canned goods, linens and seasonal decorations, so CCS is perfect, even the smallest unit is a roomy 10’x10’, which is ample space for us!”


Small businesses

“The attic at our shop is damp and dark. The perfect solution was a storage unit. It has been a life-saver, and very affordable."



“Our equipment and supplies need to be close by. With CCS, we don’t have to worry about vandalism or weathering of things left outdoors.”


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